Executive Consultants

Kathy Jones, B.S., BEP

Phone: 919-894-2831

e-mail: Kathy.Jones@horizons-energy.com

Greg Turk, M.S.

Phone: 614-327-4215

e-mail: Greg.Turk@horizons-energy.com

Norm Richardson, M.S.

Phone: 404-348-0096

e-mail: Norm@Anchor-Power.com

Kathy has 30+ years of experience in the energy industry. She brings her experience of the energy industry, trends and strategic changes to Horizons Energy to offer consulting services focused on North American energy markets, integrated resource planning and asset assessments. Kathy’s expertise falls into environmental, renewable as well as energy market knowledge.

Kathy was the East Coast lead for the ABB Advisory Group energy market consulting practice. In addition, Kathy focused on the Southeast markets, renewable and environmental practice.

Kathy developed and analyzed custom scenarios impacting energy markets, including the EPA Clean Power Plan and Electric Power Horizons, a North American scenario-based planning service. With Kathy’s tenure at ABB she participated in asset valuations totaling over $1 billion, numerous market analyses and integrated resource plans.

She has a BSBEP in Business Administration with a heavy concentration in Finance.

Greg has 30+ years of experience in the energy industry including integrated resource planning, asset valuations, software development, testimony for resource expansion and project management.

Greg developed and integrated multiple market models, including energy, capacity, coal, natural gas pipeline / LNG and market-based resource expansion for North American electricity organizations. Created or aided in development of features into optimal integrated resource plan (IRP) expansion tool, including advanced fuels and emissions logic, decision tree structure and stochastic modeling. Provided clients with advanced risk analytic capabilities, resulting in development of actionable hedging strategies and strategic responses to uncertainty.

Greg also created proprietary network and web infrastructure for secure, on-demand analytic service. Developed highly efficient multi-client parallel processing module for performing stochastic analysis. Updated database and analytics, conforming to evolving energy industry changes. Provided training, maintenance and support services.

He has a BS in Physics and Mathematics from Elmhurst College and an MS in Public Policy and Public Administration from Purdue University.

Norm is the founder and President of Anchor Power Solutions and is the principal developer of the EnCompass software model.  EnCompass is the premier software for making optimal power supply decisions, from short-term scheduling and trading to long-term capital investment. Norm's past software and data experience includes leading a group of product managers and consultants at Ventyx (previously NewEnergy Associates, now ABB Enterprise Software) focused on power modeling software and databases, price forecasting, integrated resource planning, and economic transmission analysis. He has also worked for SNL Energy, directing the research group that compiled data and analysis for the North American energy markets.

Norm has a bachelor of science degree in mathematics from Furman University and a master of science degree in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.